A Father's Day Gift

A special note

I have started The Social Justice & Engineering Initiative Corporation this year to honor my father William Gordon Bentz. My father has blindly accepted people for who they are and has always helped those who are less fortunate than he was whenever he could. He's been in a losing battle against incurable cancer and many other incurable ailments for the past two years, and he is unable to give back on his own now because of his disabilities. His time will eventually come - as all of ours will, and so I have founded this non-profit with him in mind, to do good for the public benefit and in his honor. I love you dad

Utah Non Profits Association Newest Member

We're proud to have have joined the Utah NonProfits Association. "UNA provides targeted training programs throughout Utah. These workshops are designed to cultivate success for member organizations by increasing impact, achieving operational excellence, and increasing funding." As a new member organization, where looking forward to extending these services to our staff. This is only the beginning though. UNA provides many other resources to their member organizations. Which in turn not only benefits the organization, but the staff and board members of that organization. The Social Justice & Engineering Initiative Corporation (SJEIC) seeks to provide its board members and staff the best skills and resources to succeed, to make SJEIC successful in its core mission.